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Padmaja Penmetsa

As a Joypreneur, Padmaja Penmetsa works on Mindset Coaching and Perception Management for people from different walks of life, helping them discover their truest self. Her love for life and zest for joy steer her way to see that every moment is a possibility in its own. For her love of People Potential, Padmaja has an MBA in HR, an MA in Strategic HR and an MSc in Psychology. She is an NLP Trainer and Coach. She has studied and worked across India and UK, where she worked for corporates in different sectors for more than 15yrs. ‘Align Joy’, is her own venture now, and is a platform throuRead More...

వటవృక్షం ఒడిలో వన్నెల సీతాకోక చిలుక

Books by పద్మజ పెన్మెత్స

‘వటవృక్షం ఒడిలో వన్నెల సీతాకోకచిలుక’ చదవదగ్గ ఒక మంచి రచన. మనం జీవన పోరాటంలో కోల్పోతున్న రోజువారీ చిన్న చిన్న ఆనందాలను మనకు గుర్తుచేస్తుంది ఈ పుస్తకం. పాత్రల ద్వారా అన్యాప

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Butterfly on the Old Banyan Tree

Books by Padmaja Penmetsa

Butterfly on The Old Banyan Tree reminds us of the simple joys of everyday life that are normally lost in the chaos of human desire to become something. The concise, simple, yet exotic narrative urges the readers to delve into themselves and carry out an introspection of who they really are and who they wish to be. 

In the midst of our imperfections we are perfect is the theme of Neveah’s exotic and intriguing journey of her life wherein, Neveah tran

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