Palaniappan Subramanyam

Palaniappan Subramanyam is a photographer who is very passionate about people and different cultures. Ever since he started as a street photographer, he was.. immersed into knowing stories of other people. Since he loves traveling and decided to reach the deepest and most remote places of India to see different communities of people and their cultures, which are going extinct by time. So he started… exploring the world along with his camera to document them and present it to the rest of the world. During his journey to this project, he went through a very hard phase. He feels that.. the journey itself was a great experience that helped him mold himself into a better person.



Books by Palaniappan Subramanyam

This is a photo documentary on a tribe called Apatani in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, India. The Apatanis are considered to be the pioneers in preserving the ecology. Theirs is a culture that revers the ecosystem and beautifies human relationships. Their community is almost vanishing and being affected by the modern civilization. In this documentary, I have photographed different generations of present Apatanis... to show the change in culture and traditions. I am

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