Pankaj Saini is a lazy techie and an enthusiastic traveller. He finds old religions and myths fascinating. He has a keen interest in music, which features in most of his works as a central theme. In fact, he believes that music is the only true form of transcendence. In this series, he tackles many a supernatural phenomenon to create the eccentric world of the Music Men. Through their exploits, he offers a modern saga that has arcane origins and an alternate, yet entirely plausible, future for mankind. This is the first story in the series and also his first published book. He lives in BengaRead More...


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Books by Pankaj Saini

He didn’t choose his parents. No one does.

He grew up reticent around kind and religious folks.

Powers found him when he was vulnerable.

Powers tempted him when he was capable.

It takes power to refrain from exercising power.

Although evil arises when those with power refuse to act.

He has read about Heroes who rise and vanquish evil.

How in the vacuum left, Heroes become evil.

How and when will he expr

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Books by Pankaj Saini

Badoga has super powers now. He can skydive without a parachute and land on the ground without hurting himself. His reflexes are quicker than ever. His wounds heal instantly. The ‘Haryanvi’ in him is ready to resume his role of a night-vigilante in Bengaluru and deliver some street justice. But a misadventure propels him on a journey far from his city. 

Under the watchful eye of Marbella, Badoga delves deeper into the world of Music Men. He is eage

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Music Men Volume 1

Books by Pankaj Saini

Wilful. Heartbroken. Bullheaded. Humbled. Confused.

Sartaj, an amateur boxer and a regular engineer from Haryana, is a conflicted man trying to navigate a gentler and more modern version of himself down south in India’s Silicon Valley. His 20s are riddled with sex, money, liquor and even love.

From terrifying nightmares to weird voices in his head, his bizarre experiences make him question his religious and empirical beliefs. At 30, in his

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