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Parag Jasani

Parag Jasani is a self-taught, multifaceted innovator with more than four decades of work experience in diverse fields, including the production of machine tools, creation of virtual 3D models & animations and creation & implementation of innovative tools for homogeneous networks. He has many firsts in the field of 3D animation in India. A college dropout, he has been interested in understanding what life is from a very young age.

He is the first to use brain-as-a-system approach (i.e. ‘systems thinking’ approach) to develop Dichotomized Operating System model (DOS model), the first ever causal account of human mind. 

The significance of his work explained in the book can be gauged by the fact that he has used it to single-handedly converted discoveries made by great scientists like Paul Broca, William James, Ian Pavlov, Roger Sperry, Francis Crick, Daniel Kahneman, etc., which were based on ideas, observations and opinions, into robust knowledge backed by fully causal explanations of their underlying mechanisms which work collectively to form the master-mechanism we call mind.


Mechanisms of the Mind

Books by Parag Jasani

Mechanisms of the Mind is the ONLY BOOK available that reveals what goes on in your mind when you think, set goals, make decisions, etc. and how subconscious & unconscious thoughts & processes influence you, all of which are explained using common sense logic.

It is a result of research done by author Parag Jasani, who has developed Dichotomized Operating System Model, a model that explains how the mind develops and works in the brain. It is the

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