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Paridhi Newatia has always tried to indulge her impulsive nature. Even when she is sitting still, her mind travels in a lot of different directions. She is a dancer, writer, poet and dreamer. The idea for the novel was something that she had kept a secret for years and finally one day, she decided to just do it. She was inspired to write the story from her own surroundings, where she saw many people falling in love and unable to make it work with that one person. She wanted to write something that everyone, from her young cousins to her elderly relatives, could read. For her, this story represents hope, love, security and has a whole lot of melodrama. While writing, she fell in love with her characters and sometimes, wishes that she was really a part of their world. Her passion for everything in life is clearly reflected in the pages of We’re forever, and she hopes that her book gives strength to all those people who have hesitated to fight for their love. Read More...

We’re fOreVER

Books by Paridhi Newatia

“Promise me you'll never let go.”

“It’s because I love you that I have to let you go.”

She couldn’t look away from his eyes; he couldn’t look away from her smile. But still, the first thing they did was fight. They fought with each other and they fought the attraction between them. Obviously fate had something else in store for them, so they became friends. Could their friendship survive this attraction?

By some odd twist of fa

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