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C.B. Paul Chellakumar

Dr. C.B. Paul Chellakumar, Ph.D., Litt., D. has been an educationist and counsellor for nearly four decades. He is the Group Chairman of Campus Abroad—India’s first educational Consultant for Overseas Education, which represents more than 100 Overseas Universities. Dr. Chellakumar has visited more than 200 Universities across the globe and counselled more than 2,00,000 students. He was also the Pro Vice-Chancellor of a private University for a brief period in Chennai. He was the founder-President of various professional and social organisations and associations. He is one of the Chief Patrons of the Bible Society of India. He has authored and published guides and directories in his professional areas. He has been interviewed by various national television channels for more than 1,000 programmes, as well as by the print media. Dr. Chellakumar has two Master degrees—one in English and another in Business Administration. His Doctoral degree is in the subject of education. Based on his publication and professional achievements he was awarded a few Doctoral Awards—Honorarius from two American Universities. He was the editor of two magazines—Campus Abroad and The Advisors. In 2012, after preaching the Word of God in a few Churches in villages, his concern fell on villages where there are some Christian families but no Church at all to worship the Lord. Consequently, he started to work on villages since 2013 and he is now working to build churches in churchless villages with the motto ‘One house, One village, One church’, at a low cost budget through the organisation called Church Planters Council’. He seeks your prayers for the needs of the villages in order to lead them towards the Kingdom of God.

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