Paul Reji George

I have always been a vivid dreamer, I have journals that hold the most emphatic dreams, often a reflection of my reality with a colorful pretext. I’m on a quest to explore these dreams. I come from humble beginnings, so every little detail that excites me, creates a wave of emotions that guide my imagination. I am an ordinary dreamer just like you, my actions are rather subtle and quiet, but my ambitions are deafening. I always thought I had no purpose in my life, that I was going to be stuck with a head filled with colorful dreams that was often overshadowed by a rather dark reality. TRead More...


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Tales of the Subconscious

Books by Paul Reji George

There is freedom within the construct of our dreams. Sometimes that freedom is achieved from a journey through darkness, and at times, it is achieved through words that shape and form worlds within us. These stories are mere tales that represent a reality that is usually hidden within the fabric of our subconscious mind. Dream along with the tales that take form within you, give in to your imagination, let it guide you, and free your soul that is often caged b

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For you set me free

By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 41 | Likes: 0

The stars charmed me I was captured by their bliss The cesspool of galaxies enchanted me with dim hopes and dreams  I broke bread with the universe, casting lots about a dark and dreary future I begged at their altar, as they conspired to bind me to a vicious cycle I was a dying star in their ne  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 02:00 PM

Inception of Love

By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 60 | Likes: 0

The inception of love, O what a marvelous sight Tis a raging sea, erupting from a river stream Vast was the darkness of the unknown, right before our eyes met Until there was a warmth, from a fire that crackled in the coldest of nights The swirl of wind that edged past my window sill  The stroke   Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 06:06 PM


By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 223 | Likes: 0

Vanity, all is vanity Therein lies the shackles of your sanity  Bound by it's empty riches  Adorned by it's deep stitches  Purchase them for a fickle nickel Reap the benefits of loss and dissatisfaction beyond tragical  Capable of atlering your perception  Sufficient to provide dillusional s  Read More...

Published on Sep 6,2020 01:35 AM

आँखोंको मिलने दो इस दिलसे

By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 263 | Likes: 0

कुछ  केहेना था तुमसे   बस यही की जानेसे पहले एक दफा उन आँखोंको  मिलनेदो इस दिलसे   उनकी यह गुफ्तगू  होने द  Read More...

Published on Jul 29,2020 11:46 AM


By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 472 | Likes: 0

किताबे बोहोत पड़ ली, इंसानियत के इस प्रणाली का हिसा बनकर एक लम्हे की खुशी भी आजमा ली अब थक चुका हूं सच्चाई की इस खोज म  Read More...

Published on Jul 29,2020 11:43 AM

Summer Winds

By Paul Reji George in General Literary | Reads: 450 | Likes: 0

I met Bilal a few months back when I had just moved to my new apartment. Bilal lives across the road that divided our old and tattered structures. I was running away from my future, and he was trying to survive his. Bilal's father works in real estate and was kind enough to let me stay in this old c  Read More...

Published on Jun 23,2020 01:00 AM

The Oven is Broken

By Paul Reji George in General Literary | Reads: 757 | Likes: 0

I had a very unique relationship with my mother, she was a mysterious creature, despite our fights and arguments, the one advice she always reminded me was that of the friendship we should cultivate over time.  We have an oven at home that has been left untouched for years. It's rusted with mis  Read More...

Published on Jun 8,2020 04:05 PM

Our Today

By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 260 | Likes: 0

Today I experienced a moment in which I saw, touched, heard, smelt, and tasted an unforgettable yet non-recurring fraction from my life.  It's those moments that will become redundant the next day yet are unique and precious when they occur now. I knew exactly what I was indulging in yet gave i  Read More...

Published on May 10,2020 03:52 AM


By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 323 | Likes: 0

Why is it so, that in my dreams we meet every day, but in reality, we have forgotten our yesterday? Why is it so, that out there I know you more deep within the silent darkness, but the deafening reality has rendered us speechless? Why is it so, that our drift has completed us in a world far away fr  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 10:36 PM

The Climb

By Paul Reji George in General Literary | Reads: 251 | Likes: 0

There were three companions that were brought together by fate, they met each other  under a great mountain. It was uncharted and unpaved. Great tales and folklores were sung about this mountain, how deep and dense the forests were, how the clouds split asunder at it's touch, how there lay prec  Read More...

Published on Mar 28,2020 02:51 PM


By Paul Reji George in General Literary | Reads: 285 | Likes: 0

It's so important to understand the divide between reality and imagination, it's like swimming, you may be capable of swimming in an ocean, a lake or even a small pond, but it's important to understand your limit.  Dive in as deep as you can, but after a while you have to come back up.  Wa  Read More...

Published on Mar 27,2020 09:30 PM

And then there were two

By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 259 | Likes: 0

And then there were two. If you asked me to express my love right now I wouldn't know what to do,  I guess it's the simplicity that Love evokes, which makes me fall deeply in love with you. Today you spotted me in the cusp of loneliness and chose to sit with me, that is when I realized Love is  Read More...

Published on Mar 26,2020 11:46 AM

Life's Cup of Tea

By Paul Reji George in General Literary | Reads: 355 | Likes: 0

The process of making tea is a good example of life, - You need warmth from water or milk - You need sugar for sweetness  - Spice for the extra punch  - Tea leaves for the base  But only if you mix them all together in the right ratio will you get a perfect cup of tea. The beauty of t  Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 06:57 PM


By Paul Reji George in General Literary | Reads: 295 | Likes: 0

Dark clouds are a sign of evident rain, its the end of a long process, a process that gives back to give birth to life. The process is where the crux of their purpose resides. Clouds are formed through vapors that ascend to the heavens and vapors are summoned by the Star that lives in the center of   Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 01:50 PM

Reader's Muse

By Paul Reji George in Poetry | Reads: 251 | Likes: 1

I am incomplete without you,I am an unfinished book, in it you have an innate beauty that had me shook. Without you i am an empty page, you are the ink, you are the crisp that demands to be felt, you may be curvy, bold or lean but the very thought of you makes my heart melt. I am rough around the ed  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 02:42 PM

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