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Dr. Payal Trivedi holds nearly 15 years of experience in teaching English at various academic organizations in Ahmedabad. Presently, she holds a place of prestige as an English Educator in a renowned (Indian) Academic organization. A Doctorate in English Literature, Dr. Trivedi has many reputed articles published in various international ref. and peer-reviewed Journals. Her article on the documentary film Chena KintuAjana Published in the International Journal of English Language and Literature Vol. 2, No. 3 (2015): 317-326 is exemplary of her literary writing abilities. Her write-up on the poRead More...


The Rakoshi Devis

Books by Dr. Payal Trivedi

Rakoshi Devis came to me as a shock since they happened to rescue my senses at a time when extreme anger overwhelmed my consciousness and it was waiting to annihilate my sanity. They salvaged me from the predicament of devastation which hovered around me like an eagle waiting to pounce upon its prey.

The Rakoshi Devis I saw in my vision were three gruesome-looking figures ready to overthrow conventional wisdom that often enforces the norm of propriety o

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By Dr. Payal Trivedi in Mystery | Reads: 2,133 | Likes: 1

There was Abdul. There was a a play in which he enacted. He played the part of a milkman who distributed milk and milk products in a town. The play became popular so did his role. All his life, he did more than 100 successful shows of the same play, playing the same role. The audience changed, audit  Read More...

Published on Jun 11,2022 05:27 PM

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