Phebe Angus G.

Phebe Angus G. has been teaching as an Assistant professor at Madras Christian College since 2008. Since childhood, she has been captivated by the magic, fantasy and colourful depictions of folk literature. This motivated her to do her research in Archetypal Criticism with reference to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series as a part of her Master of Philosophy programme. Being inspired by the wisdom ingrained in folk tradition, she undertook a project to collect folk songs and stories from select locales in Tamil Nadu. She believes that documentation of folk tradition is very important to pRead More...


My Golden Moon Glass

Books by Phebe Angus G.

Why was Velan trying to amuse Vali?

How do the dynamics of love emerge?

What is the connection between the planting, the harvest, the coming of age, the lullaby and the lament?

Wherefore does the ancient song rise and whither does it go?

What hidden mysteries are embedded in the beats of the drum, in the growth of the creepers and in the golden moon glass?

As we share the tale that is told and retold – of a song that is sung thr

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