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Philipose Thomas presently lives in Panjim, Goa and works as a trainer for a telecommunications company. The Third Mumbai is his first book. It took him almost three years to complete the book while working a busy job. The book was first published digitally in 2015, but it lay unnoticed by Indian readers. The book is the first attempt of its kind to portray a post-nuclear war India, an eerie vision that could soon become reality. A great deal of research and redrafting was undertaken before it got to its present form. The author believes the book is a synopsis of a much larger story and races Read More...


The Third Mumbai

Books by Philipose Thomas

The earth looks calm from space. Its majestic rotation continues on its eternal journey—a serene sight. From the high sky, all looks well over the Indian subcontinent with its unmistakable jutting coastline. The ethereal vision is suddenly muddled by a mushroom-shaped cloud arising from the west coast of the Mumbai peninsula. Shortly thereafter, similar clouds arise. This time, they’re over Islamabad and Karachi.

What would a post-apocalypti

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