Piyaray Raina (pen name S?ddhak) was born in a god fearing family in Kashmir, India in 1936. He got his Post Graduate Degree in Geology from Lucknow University in 1959. He worked as a Professional Geologist for about 30 years, and has travelled all over India. He is married and lives with his wife and son in U.S.A. and in India at Gurgaon Haryana. He can be reached by email on: pl_raina@yahoo.com. He maintains a Facebook page and has a blog: kp-pooza.blogspot.com.    He was invited to read a paper on Kashmir Shaivism at the International Vedic Conference held at the University of MaRead More...



Books by Sāddhak

Modern science based on logical reasoning has made human life a wonderful experience. We have almost conquered time and space with almost everything that exists within it. Humans should have been the happiest beings, but that is not the case. Something is missing in our pursuit of happiness. We need to take a deep breath and think over it.

Spiritualists are the happiest persons. They command both respect and reverence from us. Let us not confuse spiritua

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