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Because of the nature of his father’s job, the author grew up traveling the world with his parents and brother; he lived and studied in several different countries and cultures around the world - including Venezuela, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and India. This upbringing has instilled in the author a hard-to-slake desire to be constantly on the move and to seek out, explore and live in an immersive way amongst unknown peoples and cultures.     All through his life – and in all the countries he has lived in – he has seeked out adventure in the wilderness: the jungles and forests ofRead More...

The Roar of the Tiger

Books by PKS

This is a compilation of hunting tales from the jungles of India from the centuries gone by.

“…We have no word in English that properly embraces all this, but all are expressed by the Persian word ‘shikar!’…”

“…Sitting on the ground in a thorn “Boma” for a lion in Africa is considered an ordinary enough thing to do; but sitting on the ground for a tiger in dense jungles of the Indian subcontinent can be an entirely different e

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The Call of the Mountains

Books by PKS

  The Call of the Mountains is a collection of the author’s adventures and encounters with people, fauna, culture and ideas as they persist amongst the rough and at times hostile mountainous terrains of the Indian Himalayas.

“…Amongst the rolling forested hills – plying the terrain over the many ridges and ravines – one could run into sambhar, kakar, wild pigs, and even now, sometimes a stray leopard or two. I had plenty of time at hand, no s

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