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Pon Kulendiren is an Honors graduate in Physics, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). He has served as a Senior Telecommunication Engineer in Sri Lanka, Oman, Dubai, UK, US and Canada. At the age of ten, he started writing short stories and articles. So far, he has published several books in English and Tamil. He is a specialized short-story writer. He writes to several e-magazines and papers in Ontario, Canada. Generations is his second novel. Kulendiren is a community worker and was the President of Peel Tamil Seniors Mississauga, Ontario, for four years. He has initiatRead More...


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Books by Pon Kulendiren

The novel covers the period during British rule in Sri Lanka and after its independence in 1948. Chunnakam is a farming village in the Jaffna peninsula. The hero in this novel is a doctor in the Sri Lankan Government, born and grew up in that village. After the ethnic riots, he migrates to Canada and marries a Malaysian Tamil girl. He returns alone to his village after four decades to sort out the legal issues associated with the will written by his parents. T

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Books by Pon Kulendiren

All of us enjoy drinking Tea, but we never know about the hard work put in by the laborers to produce it. It is interesting to know how generations of the Tea estate workers in Sri Lanka, who were brought in from South India as coolies, worked in appalling living conditions for a poor salary. During the 1964 pact between Sri Lanka and India, almost 52,000 Estate Tamil workers were deported to India. Those who opted to stay back in the island became one of the

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Strange Relationship

Books by Pon Kulendiren

Relationships can develop anywhere – at school, in business, during travels and parties or even through traditions. Relationships are not destiny but something holy. When two minds think alike, it lays the foundation for a strong relationship. The love between same sexes is considered a taboo in several South Asian and Western countries.

In this book, stories are based on real incidents, with a blend of fiction, developed in different situations and su

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