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Dr Pooja kadhi

Dr. Pooja Kadhi is a skilled and experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist, a mother of two and a glorified soul. She believes that actual parenting starts from the womb or even before conception. She aspires to impart pregnancy literacy to all women. She is trained in infertility management, high-risk pregnancy management, aesthetic and functional gynaecology. She has vast experience in dealing with all kinds of women’s health problems. She is one of the best pregnancy and Garbh Sanskar coaches. She helps women implement the ideal daily rituals and RDA which enhances the IQ, EQ, SQ and PQ Read More...


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Pregnancy is not just a nine-month journey; it’s a rock-solid foundation of the future of a family. The journey of motherhood is a roller coaster ride. Each one’s experience is exemplary. One must cherish all the memories and hardships associated with the most beautiful journey of parenthood.

I have come across a lot of women asking me about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. They often ask me about the activities they must indulge in to ensure the

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