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Pooja Pathak


Pooja Pathak is a software engineer by profession and a poet by passion. She has been weaving words around her feelings and thoughts from a very young age, trying to explore greater meaning in pain and suffering. Her work has been published in three anthologies, and she has also self-published her book on Amazon. She has an Instagram page with the name @pooja.silentwordz, where her words reach the world and have a positive response from her readers. Driving inspiration from her own experience, she writes for those who suffer from self-doubt, worthlessness, and despair, to motivate them to healRead More...

Ashes To Embers

Books by Pooja Pathak

Ashes to Embers is the journey of a heart and soul towards realizing its true worth and embracing itself in times of need. It is cleaved into four sections, each reflecting a different feeling. Entwining words around self-reflection, feeling the hidden strength in pain, letting go of the hurt and allowing one to hope for a better tomorrow, Ashes To Embers, as the name suggests, is an epiphany which expresses the hope to rise again from the as

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The Warrior in You

By Pooja Pathak in Poetry | Reads: 111 | Likes: 0

Maybe you are dwelling in the hardest of times, unable to bury the pain and disappointments, unable to untie yourself from the the darkness of your past, but since you are still dealing with the tough times you will learn on your own how to endure the moments that keeps putting you down, you w  Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 09:32 PM

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