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Poonam Jalan

Human behaviour analyst
Human behaviour analyst

A Monash University, Melbourne alumni in the field of A Counseling Psychotherapy, Poonam Jalan in her event-studded life, has lived in India, Russia, Dubai, and Singapore. Poonam is happily engaged in working with individuals and groups on issues of mental health and psychosomatic diseases. She is based out of Mumbai, where she lives with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.Read More...


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White, Soft, & Fluffy

Books by Poonam Jalan

The difference between those who conquer fear and those who succumb to is how quickly you can get up. The ten billion dollar "Self Help" industry is about strategies, tactics, and hacks to tell you to get back up. Very few show you the "how" This is why, for every person getting up, there are twenty-seven who fall back down.

In this book, Poonam Jalan, a certified counselor and behavior analyst, talks about her journey from disasters to success; from he

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Two Steps Ahead

Books by Col Sudip Mukerjee

In this pathbreaking book about deciphering human thoughts through the language people use, Behaviour Analyst Col Sudip Mukerjee reveals the insights as to why we do what we do.

The 5 step ‘secret decoding system’ detailed in this book has been used extensively by Sudip and all those who have learnt from him and experienced it first hand in individual sessions. This is unlike any other concept that you may have read earlier – these are

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