Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh was born in 1957 at Mulberry Manor, Dehra Dun. He went to schools in Mussoorie and Dehra Dun. He was a UGC Scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University, where he studied history. For a period Pradeep worked as a farmer and horticulturist, before joining a global energy corporate where he worked for over three decades, following which he turned his attention to research and writing on a full time basis.

Pradeep's prose displays his affinity to nature and to his beloved Dehra Dun Valley, where his family has resided for over three hundred years. This connection allows Pradeep to provide readers with a unique insight into the region. A passionate traveller, Pradeep currently works out of Dehra Dun and Delhi.

This is Pradeep Singh’s second book.



Sals of the Valley

Books by Pradeep Singh

Sal forests symbolize the strength and permanence of the virtues of the Dehra Dun Valley. They form the dramatic backdrop of the seven stories in this anthology. Be led through this fabled landscape and come face to face with people through their struggles and triumphs, during which nature opposes and also rescues them at every step. In these pages, you meet incorrigible ramblers of the forests; a party of farm hands launching a desperate night search; a daunt

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