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On January 21, 1957, Dr. Pradip Upadhyaya, was born in a middle-class family in Madhya Pradesh, in a tribal and one of the most backward regions of Jhabua. He is a graduate in three subjects with a Postgraduate degree. He opted for a Voluntary Retirement Service from the Madhya Pradesh Government in the year 2016.  Since 1975, he has been active in the field of writing. His stories, short stories, poems, satirical articles and articles on various social, political topics have been published in major newspapers in the country. The first satire collection, Mausami Bhavnayein was published iRead More...


Sthiyane Ki Dhaleej Paar

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This is the author’s second satire collection. In this book, the author has crafted the art of the story from his point of view on various discrepancies, vices, distortions, and weaknesses in the system. This patch of satire forces readers to think. The author has sincerely expressed his thoughts in many articles. The style of such satirical articles are diverse.

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बंद हो चुकी खिड़की

By Dr.Pradeep Upadhyay in Women's Fiction | Reads: 3,031 | Likes: 1

बंद हो चुकी खिड़की आज बत्तीस साल के बाद उससे सामना हुआ था।पहले तो सोचा भी कि उसके सामने नहीं जाऊं। फिर भी मन के किसी   Read More...

Published on Jun 29,2022 03:19 PM

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