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Br. Prasanna Swaroopa

Spiritual seeker, author
Spiritual seeker, author

Br. Prasanna Swaroopa began his career in the IT industry and served in various capacities in areas including software engineering, project management and general management. To explore other dimensions of life and discover what lies beyond the usual avenues of employment, he exited the industry after having devoted 14 years to it. In this exploration, he was initiated into the spiritual path and spent 12 years in an ashram. This path of self-discovery enabled him to realize the intricacies of the mind and its application to life situations. He came to the firm conclusion that ‘the journey oRead More...

Bhaja Govindam

Books by Br. Prasanna Swaroopa

Vedanta provides the ultimate answers regarding our real nature, this life and the world we are in, and thus guides us in leading a life of peace and happiness. Bhaja Govindam reveals the subtle and profound message of Vedanta (the wisdom of the Upanishads) in a simple, direct and concise manner, and that too through exquisite poetry. Importantly, it presents practical ways to apply Vedanta to daily life, cutting through the numerous terms and concepts in spir

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