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Prashant Narang

Chartered Accountant, Profit Coach, Speaker, Author
Chartered Accountant, Profit Coach, Speaker, Author

Prashant Narang is a practising Chartered Accountant from New Delhi, India. Apart from providing high-quality taxation and audit services, he has been advising various entrepreneurs on the benefits and ways of monitoring and enhancing the profitability of their businesses.  He also regularly conducts workshops for business owners and their teams for sharing his knowledge and experience. Read More...


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An entrepreneur is always good at his business, i.e. the service or the product his enterprise offers to the customer. In most of the cases, he is technically capable of delivering a great product or service. However, it is not necessary that while the customer is super satisfied, the entrepreneur is also making good money for himself. At least, he should know whether he had made enough. It is also relevant for him to know if that profit had actually reached h

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