Prashant Saxena

Prashant Saxena is the author of Bhagvad Gita – The Supreme Secret, Return of the Divine Mother and Scroll of Ashtavakr. He has been pursuing Indian science since a very early age. Brought up in a family of doctors, who themselves are rooted in the ancient Indian wisdom, and having an affinity for science, he has observed closely the evolution of modern science and the various holistic perspectives on Indian knowledge. He is also the grandson of Dr. Veerbala, a Sanskrit scholar and a teacher, and Dr. Dharamvir Bharti, the Chief-Editor of the popular Hindi weekly magazine Dharmayug, from 1960 till 1987, who was awarded Padma Shree for literature in 1972 by the Government of India.


Eye of Shiva

Books by Prashant Saxena

Where have I come from? Where will I go when the body perishes? What is Reality? What is Maya? In the pursuit of Truth, one often contemplates the meaning of existence. What is life? Is there a mystery beyond life and death? Have I experienced countless universes before? How did it all start? How will it end? The Vedic Journey begins for the one whose heart resonates with the Grand Vedic Question  Who am I?

Eye of Shiva – Beyond the Quantum Universe – explores ancient concepts such as:

  • Relative and Absolute Consciousness.
  • The field of experience generated by Prakriti.
  • The changing order of the observer and the observed.
  • The states of waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep.
  • The essence of ‘is’ and ‘is not’.
  • The condition of Kaivalya, and the Abode of Shiv.

It brings forth the translations of Vijnan Bhairav Tantr and Kaivalya Upanishad, emphasizing the direct link between consciousness and the quantum worlds of relative realities.

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Scroll of Ashtavakr

Books by Prashant Saxena

In a heightened state of yogic awareness, Janak is trapped in the unfolding bubbles of Time. He witnesses world after world, as if falling from one dream to another. He forgets where he started from, and all he sees is an undivided transformation of reality. He is accompanied by one voice, a sage, who knows the singularity of existence. Unable to climb further up the path of the supreme science, Janak surrenders to Ashtavakr, who then reveals to him the fallacies and paradoxes involved in such an endeavour.

Scroll of Ashtavakr contains the complete translations of Ashtavakr Gita, underlining the direct correlation between consciousness, time and the quantum worlds of relative realities.

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Return of the Divine Mother

Books by Prashant Saxena

This is a story of two disciples – who are trained in martial arts, yogasanas and the science of Brahmsutras – taught and nurtured by two sages who themselves had attained yogic siddhis.

The story starts with a dream of one of the disciples, who peeks into the world of timeless reality. Trying to seek answers, he discovers a secret kingdom – an ocean of eternity – beneath the realm of earthly existence.

Does consciousness exist because of the material world, or do time and space exist because of consciousness? The thought releases the river of higher knowledge which leads to the realization of the Divine Mother, the eternal Prakriti; the saga of creation; the paradoxical world of Brahma; the transformations of energy; the nectar of immortality, whereby, the journey emerges with a twist, magnifying the perception of endless possibilities.

Inspired by Mahabharat, where the divine song of Krishna unfolds in the midst of an epic battle, this book embraces the wisdom of Devi Mahatmya, Devi Suktas of Rig Veda, Garbh Upanishad and Yog Sutras of Patanjali to reveal the ancient science of India.

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