Prateek Dubey

Photographer, Biker, Fitness Freak, Cinephile
Photographer, Biker, Fitness Freak, Cinephile

Prateek Dubey is a photographer, writer, and an artist based in New Delhi, India. ‘The Good Life Gym’, his second book, expresses his passion for fitness and bodybuilding. His first book, ‘The Disobedient Darkness’, a fantasy fiction, was published in 2016. He  has also written many entertaining short stories, using whiskey, Black Sabbath, beautiful aliens and other unconventional elements as his motifs.  He is a prolific photographer and the most published on the prestigious from the country. His work has featured in the Guardian UK, The Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu and N-PhotRead More...


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Books by Prateek Dubey

A man trades his doubts for some unique gifts from his guiding spirit. His doubtless mind plunges him into a maelstrom where he negotiates the dark side of goodness, separation, violence, illusion and in the end death, to discover the true purpose of his existence.

The Disobedient Darkness is an unusual adventure. An adventure that’ll take you to the farthest reaches of life and death in a cinematic journey. Boundaries don’t exist here; fantasy, ill

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The Good Life Gym

Books by Sudipta Bhattacharyya And Prateek Dubey

Vijay, an aspiring bodybuilder from a small town, Jhajjar, takes part in a bodybuilding championship. Fate intervenes and deprives him of the podium finish. Heartbroken, he comes to Delhi and joins The Good life Gym as a trainer. Here he meets Mummy ji, the middle-aged owner of the gym. Mummy ji, a science nerd, is on a mission to promote self-awareness through food and exercise.

Many characters come in Vijay’s life courtesy the gym and his world

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Viral Beauty

By Prateek Dubey in General Literary | Reads: 2,471 | Likes: 3

Adversity blurs everything into nothingness, focusing the attention to the self. Nature has baked this primal response in us for self-preservation. Thankfully, me and my family are safe from the Corona Virus. Therefore, I can indulge in viewing mankind’s fight against this ‘enemy’   Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 08:21 PM

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