#National Writing Competition

Preethi Mohan

Preethi Mohan is a software engineer by profession. Her childhood pastime of storytelling finally led her to writing, and her fascination for fantasy and mystery has seeded this creative work. Twitter: preethi_mohan Website: www.preethimohan.inRead More...

Mayathee 1

Books by Preethi Mohan

Five-year-old Dharani was popular in and around Mahadevpur for a rare skill she learned from none other than Lord Shiva. It was a skill she could use in all her lives and in each life, destiny would bring her to Mahadevpur. Years went by and one fateful evening, Dharani stumbled into the village with a deadly arrow stuck in her heart. The truth behind her death remained unknown and the people awaited her return to the village in a new life. Fifty years later,

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Mayathee 2: Power of the Celestial Dance

Books by Preethi Mohan

Bhavaani and Shankar embark upon a journey discovering more of their superpowers on the island of Rohbila. Their powers are challenged when the island is threatened with extinction.

Back home, news spreads fast about the return of the Great Mahadev in a new avatar. His disciples are eager to meet him. At the same time, another group of disciples are excited to have found a way to carry their master Dhureshi's soul out of Mayathee, the enchanted forest,

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