Prem Vardhan is a civil engineer with over 52 years of practical experience on major construction projects. His last assignment was as Executive Director (international operations) of the ESSAR group’s construction division. He has moved to many remote areas in India and overseas to build mega projects. More than 50% of his work force was local villagers given on-the-job training who went from being unskilled to semi-skilled and then to skilled workers in carpentry, masonry, steel fabrication, electrification and other skills while smart and influential people became contractors. His othRead More...


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Construction Business


This book has been written for the benefit of young entrepreneurs thinking of a business idea. It takes them through the journey of becoming a successful, big contractor. It covers major issues in starting a contracting business and the major dos and don’ts. It also briefly explains the basic knowledge of various streams of contracting, project management and tendering. This could also be a good guide to rising and ambitious contractors.

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Functions of a Successful Project Manager

Books by Prem Vardhan

Managing a country, your work or even your own life, all are projects in themselves and the person managing such projects is project manager. A project manager’s functions and responsibilities could be divided into minute key result areas or KRAs. A man at a laundry may have fewer responsibilities than a managing director or a prime minister but conceptually their projects are similar. Awareness and proper implementation of their functions and responsibiliti

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Papua New Guinea: A Business Destination

Books by Prem Vardhan

For any organization, the decision to take up new infrastructure projects or to set up a new production business is dependent on the company’s current involvement in new projects as well as several other considerations. Still, there is always the search for a good, new project.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has readily available opportunities for varied businesses but has been deprived of the right attention due to various irrelevant reasons.

Several lu

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Civil Engineering Solutions

Books by Prem Vardhan

Engineering, Medical, Chartered Accounting and Law are a few professions that are considered to be good for one’s status, salary and other perquisites. But, just managing one’s admission into professional institutions does not make a person successful professionally.

This book has eleven levels. The first five levels explain what engineering is and how one can become a successful professional, for which parents and teachers should contribute signific

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Administrative and Human Resource Solutions for Construction Projects

Books by Prem Vardhan

Green field, heavy industrial and infrastructure projects face many problems during mobilization and execution due to issues with the local community, land, social, industrial relations and human resources.

This book provides some real life examples to serve as a guide for project managers to handle such problems in their projects. The book highlights easy methods for relationship building with the community, client, consultant, banks, procurement and ot

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