Prithviraj Desai

An MBA from International Management Institute, Brussels, Prithviraj Govind Naik Desai still lives in his native village, Fatorpa, Goa. He loves treasure hunts, sci-fi movies, economics, yoga, the GTA series and authentic butter chicken. He also loves travelling.


The Search of the Myth is his first book, through which he is making a debut in the world of fiction. He is looking forward to write more with an aim to entertain people.


He is open to constructive suggestions from the readers, so send your suggestions to prithviraj.naikdesai@yahoo.in


The Search of the Myth

Books by Prithviraj Desai

Miss June Fox is a brilliant student of history in her college, whose dream is to become an archeologist and treasure hunter just like her father and grandfather. Her dream comes to life when she gets a note from her grandfather, and she now has to decode it and find what it leads to. She has to go through many hurdles and solve many mysteries with the help of her annoying friend Emma. But the twist in the tale comes in the form of Mr. Kvoski who comes to know

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