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Priya Nair & Stonica Christie

Priya Nair

Priya, is an active social worker, associated with an NGO for the past 21 years. She holds a degree in Industrial Psychology and Masters in Social Work. Her passion of knowing and understanding what tickles the head and heart made her further deep dive in the area of Guidance and Counselling.

Child Rights, Women Empowerment, and issues related to Health have been her forte. She has worked extensively in these areas and made commendable contributions for the well-being of the underprivileged.

An avid reader and a flair for writing, paved way for this very thoughtful endeavour, and ‘Take A Break’ was born. What better way can be to return the favour to the society and create an impact on young minds in short pace of time.

Stonica Christie

Stonica is a curious millennial, with a passion for writing and reading, co-authored her first break with Priya. Coming from a very humble academician family, continuous learning has been her constant pursuit.

A Gold medallist in Human Resources, she was quick to realise the truth of corporate business. ‘Take A Break’ was a realisation, when she decided to pen down her thoughts about the corporate world. She decided to see corporate with a different perspective giving thumbs down to the cliché world.

Bold, courageous and willing to make a difference, makes her a very promising and enterprising professional. This creation is very close to her beliefs and ideals.


Take a Break

Books by Priya Nair & Stonica Christie

“You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future”.

Join us on this path to Change with “Take A Break”, a management anthology covering various aspects of work life experiences. 

Be it Goals, Courage, Leadership, Collaboration or Mindset, you will find it here, all in one place. Riveting, intuitive and thought-provoking, this book encompasses management bestsellers.  It will n

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