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Priyabhishek Sharma

Dr. Priyabhishek Sharma is a seeker of life and has a doctorate in Political Science from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. A practitioner of meditation for about two decades, he has dwelled with Himalayan Masters as a learner of their esoteric spiritual practices. This book has sprung out of that two-decade long association with – and above all the grace of - those Himalayan Masters. He is author of three books and runs a blog on 'Mind, Meditation and Monks' at


The Himalayan Master and the Sixth Sense

Books by Priyabhishek Sharma

Initiated by a Himalayan Yogi (ascetic) with a beej (Vedic seed) mantra (prayer or chant), two years later a university student wakes up in the night to find his mind connecting with far off people and places. Perplexed and scared, he finds not only his intuition getting stronger with every passing day but also some weird prophetic voices descending from the universe into his brain.

His life changes permanently into a ceaseless seek

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The UPSC Odyssey: Daring to Dream an IAS Officer

Books by Priyabhishek Sharma

This is the thrilling story of an IAS aspirant whose journey began in the humble settings of a modest village. The story runs through four crisscrossing streams. First, is an ambitious but reluctant youth embarking on a journey to achieve the unimaginable. Second, is a vulnerable human being hanging between the contrasting pulls of choice and destiny. The third stream is a silent student of the book called life, where in the course of this odyssey, some invalu

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