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Priyanka Saurabh was born into a Maharashtrian family in Vadodara, Gujarat. She holds two masters’ degrees: Master of Arts in Archaeology and Master of Arts (Fine) in Museology, and have mastered the subjects by attending several excavations and explorations. She has presented several papers at national and international seminars and has also co-authored an article. She has now chosen to follow her long-awaited dream to become a writer. These days, she is a dedicated IT wife, but that did not stop her from pursuing her passion for the subject. She loves exploring new places, trekking and wriRead More...

Little Netra’s 1st Visit to Ancient Monuments

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Netra is a brilliant girl, always curious to learn new things. From a very young age, she had travelled to quite a few places, which had made her a good observer. Her curiousness has surprised people many times but when curiosity got the better of her, it gave them anxious moments. When she came to know that her neighbour, Piu, whom she called ‘Piu Tai’, was going on a study tour conducted by the department of archaeology: a home of ancient settlements, li

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