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Priyanka Singh has been working as a content editor for about six years. A postgraduate in English Literature, the author has a penchant for weaving stories. Writing this book is an attempt by her to present a local narrative, with a few changes introduced by her, to a larger audience.  Read More...


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A Sparrow for the Grain

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A hungry sparrow, looking for food, spots a grain of rice. The grain, though within sight, is out of reach for her. She flies around, asking for help. She faces many refusals, including those by a king and a snake. What happens when someone finally decides to help her? Does she get what she wants?

Read this story, based on a folktale the author heard as a child, to find out.

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The Last Mile

By Priyanka Singh in General Literary | Reads: 679 | Likes: 5

Together, they had travelled a formidable distance of more than 900 km over the past 10 days. Keshav and Raju worked as cooks in a restaurant in the big city. The sudden announcement of lockdown across the whole country had shaken their world. They had decided that it was best for them to leave for   Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2020 01:07 PM

I’m Scared, Mom!

By Priyanka Singh in Horror | Reads: 607 | Likes: 0

"Heroes need monsters to establish their heroic credentials. You need something scary to overcome." - Margaret Atwood There are so many things little children are frightened of. Probably because children lack the one weapon grown-ups have - distrust. They believe everything that is told to them  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 12:30 AM

The Sorrows of Shopping

By Priyanka Singh in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 383 | Likes: 0

There’s no rose without a thorn! In life, everything that you like comes with something you don’t quite like. I enjoy shopping, but there is one aspect of it I find irksome – the over-enthusiastic sales staff ever ready to “help” you. For someone like me, who is not rea  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 12:28 AM

Breaking Up With My Bank

By Priyanka Singh in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 192 | Likes: 0

A few years ago, I changed my job and got a new salary account opened. Since I didn’t want to be bothered with having too many bank accounts, I wanted the salary account of my previous company closed. Those were also the days when the government was after black-money hoarders. One of the rumor  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 12:26 AM

The Solo Trip

By Priyanka Singh in Travel | Reads: 199 | Likes: 0

Solo travelling is quite the trend these days. My Facebook timeline is teeming with pictures of people going on solo trips. Everybody else seems to have either gone on a solo trip or is planning one. To think about it, I am the person who should be going on a trip alone, considering that I don&rsquo  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 12:24 AM

Mira – The Miracle of My Life

By Priyanka Singh in True Story | Reads: 575 | Likes: 0

“Anil has met with an accident. His wife and parents are dead. He is in a critical condition,” echoed my brother’s voice over the phone. There was a surge of strange emotions inside me as I listened to this, and my thoughts instantly went back in time   Read More...

Published on Mar 27,2020 03:19 PM

The Empty Playground

By Priyanka Singh in Poetry | Reads: 287 | Likes: 1

The swings are feeling unimportant. Children no longer squabble  Over whose turn it is next, and The slides miss babies’ babble As they threw handfuls of sand On it, and fished out some shiny pebble. Merry-go-round goes round no more Nor the see-saw low and high. The playground   Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 11:54 PM

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