Pulkit Gupta

Pulkit grew up in west Delhi (Read Punjab) to be specific. He attended the same school for twelve years, but all he remembers is being thrown out of the French classes. After a rather dismal showing in engineering competitive examinations, he was packed off to Kota. He eventually graduated as a chemical engineer from one of the ‘lesser IITs’ and like any decent, aspiring, middle class Indian kid, followed it up with an MBA degree. He is a half-baked sketch artist and a football fan with dreams of becoming a professional football club manager one day. Currently, he handles brands aRead More...


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How I Kissed Your Girlfriend

Books by Pulkit Gupta

Join Karthik Gupta in his sophomore year as he completes his engineering in the land of Lord Mahadev. This might have ended up as another IIT love story, but Karthik isn’t as lucky. So instead, during the course of the narration, he will teach you:

How to fart when out on a date

How to talk to tech-savvy monks

How to eat kadhai paneer for free when the hostel mess is off

How to get famous when attending concerts

How t

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