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Qedem J. Nesher

Qedem J. Nesher has been working for global companies where he has executed various projects in various fields. He has been working and travelling in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai in India and many countries in North and South America, Europe, Central Asia, Oceania, South and East Asia. He’s travelling half a world away and thinking about who we are and why we were made. He’s got many opportunities spanning across the globe. While travelling, he was intrigued by his identity and the existence of this world. He sometimes questioned obvious things like the grass, stone, moRead More...


Elemental School

Books by Qedem J. Nesher

If you want to learn to make the earth, what should you learn in school? Or what if you have to be one of the members who make this whole universe? 

Then you must be studying at Elemental School in this story and learn one elemental skill.

Michael is a new teacher, teaching very adorable students—Fiery, Watery, Lightry, Earthy and Windry—preparing them to make our world. They learn their individual elemental skills and leave on a

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