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Ratna Pande Hailing from the beautiful hill state of Uttarakhand, and having lived in Bengal, Delhi and Hyderabad, Ratna Pande counts herself as fortunate to have met a varied cross-section of people, to hear their stories and mix them with her own brand of creativity and magic with a twist! She grew up in a steel township in Bengal where her father was a scientist in a research laboratory and her mother a Hindi teacher. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the town, her school St. Xavier’s encouragement to pursue reading and creative writing and her family’s fondness for books added to Read More...


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LI:FE! Locked In : Flitting Everywhere!

Books by Ratna Pande

LI:FE!   2020 – When the year throws two lemons at you, what do you do? 

Think of what you can make -  A sweet sorbet to comfort on a summer afternoon? A spicy pickle to relish with a meal? Or cut it into bits, sprinkle spicy salt and keep in your pocket to lick or share with friends?  This year, like a ‘gondhoraj nimbu’, is uniquely fragrant, pungent and sharp, exceptional if you slow down to savour it and, in spite of the thorns, very humbli

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Not so Long Ago, Not so Far Away

Books by Ratna Pande

A heartwarming collection of short stories from towns within India, possibly from a place near yours and about someone familiar....

The sisters in Benares, whose fate led them to different cities, one to mercurial heights of stardom and the other to the depths of misfortune. Now, thirteen years later, they are back in the same city where they started; will the ghats change the course of their lives?

Sethji had been an astute and successful diamon

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Who killed Miss Farzana?

By Ratna Pande in Mystery | Reads: 301 | Likes: 0

Farzana or Farzi, as she was affectionately called by her friends was a loveable and popular character from the glorious past. Of Persian descent, from the city of Iran, young Farzi had been a tall, shapely, with long, naturally curly haired , and possessed a stormy personality. She was extremely ta  Read More...

Published on Apr 13,2020 07:31 PM

My Diary of 1971 - Living thru War, From Reel 2 Real

By Ratna Pande in True Story | Reads: 412 | Likes: 0

Fr Gilson’s narration about the second world war, and his life as a child in Belgium, had left us spellbound. Initially the rest of that day had gone in silence while each one of us tried to internalise what he had shared. Just before the school ended we had gone to the Library to get some boo  Read More...

Published on Apr 12,2020 06:42 PM

My Diary of 1971 - Living thru War-Sunday is Special!

By Ratna Pande in True Story | Reads: 259 | Likes: 0

Day 4: Sunday morning is always special. We usually have a South Indian meal for lunch and chicken curry for dinner and I like both. The ladies in the colony learnt to make authentic South Indian dishes, courtesy Mrs Uma Ramaswamy. Uma aunty is the loving mom of my friend and our neighbour who has p  Read More...

Published on Apr 12,2020 11:14 AM

My Diary of 1971 - Living thru War Day 3

By Ratna Pande in True Story | Reads: 353 | Likes: 0

Day 3: Mornings at home were very predictable. On week days, we were all in a rush to get dressed and leave for school, which left little time to enjoy lazing in bed or picking up morning sounds, in leisure. However, weekends were different. On those days I would sleep in till later. That's when we   Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 04:42 PM

My Diary of 1971- Living thru War .. Day 2

By Ratna Pande in True Story | Reads: 722 | Likes: 0

The day was so long ... we all sat at home in silence, not understanding what it meant to be at war. I was in class 8, I had seen the book "War and Peace" in the library and read the Guns of Navarone and Diary of Anne Frank, and the thought of war seemed scary and bleak. At 6pm, my father Chirag ret  Read More...

Published on Apr 10,2020 04:40 PM

My Diary of 1971 - Living thru War

By Ratna Pande in True Story | Reads: 601 | Likes: 0

Prelude: On 26th March 1971, the threat war was declared. The war began after the Pakistani military junta based in west Pakistan launched operation Searchlight against the people of East Pakistan on the night of 25 March 1971. It was eventually a military confrontation between I  Read More...

Published on Apr 10,2020 02:14 PM

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