Indie (pen name) was born and brought up in an urban town in India. She was raised in a sound family. She had everything that was essential for her life. Everything was organized, well-prepared, rationally decided and perfectly planned for her. She learnt what was taught to her; she walked the path she was shown; she upheld her inherited culture and she lived how they wanted her to. She was perfect and she was happy!  But one day, she had a question. When everything is done, then what is it that she can do? For over 25 years, she has lived a ready life. What if there is a pointRead More...


Pretty, Pragmatic but Problematic!

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Unlike most girls who are strong, smart and social, she is super strong, extra-smart and rarely normal. There isn’t anything that she can’t solve or can’t understand or can’t get through. But, this remarkable capability of hers, doesn’t work for two people. To put it in her style: First, the one whom she can never help – Herself! And two, the other whom she will never help – Me!

And the reason is that I love her but she loves him. But sti

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GROW UP ! 'Meera, I told you last week itself that my parents are coming home.' 'But there is an emergency in the office today. I have to go!' she said wearing her T-shirt. 'It's been quite some time that they have come. You ought to stay Meera!' 'Can’t you understand, I got a call today   Read More...

Published on Apr 4,2020 11:13 PM

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