Rachna Khattar

An educationalist by profession, Rachna Khattar, has been closely associated with Early Years Program. The author strongly feels that it is the need of the hour that young children learn to value their resource and develop an understanding to utilize these resources in fruitful way for a secure future. We must mentor our future generation to live in harmony with nature and maintain a healthy balance to satisfy our need not fulfil our greed.  In her book, Autobiography of Polybag, the author takes us through a polybag’s life and journey. As pages unfold, a polybag’s ordeal can clearly be fRead More...


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Books by रचना खट्टर

फूलचन्द एक कूड़ा उठाने वाला है जो घरों के आस-पास की साफ-सफाई भी  करता है।

स्वभाव से बहुत ही विनम्र है और अपने काम में बहुत ही मेहनती। परन्तु अचानक एक दिन उसने काम पर आना बंद कर दि

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Sparrow Sorrow

Books by Rachna Khattar

Where are the Sparrows? The little house bird seems to have vanished from our surroundings. Taru, a five-year-old boy is looking for an answer to his question. The book Sparrow Sorrow offers a sneak peek into the world of Sparrows and tries to create awareness for the little bird through the eyes of a little boy who is sensitized to the living beings around him and eventually bringing in everybody to celebrate World Sparrow Day with a common cause.  He paints

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Autobiography of a Polybag

Books by Rachna Khattar

Have you heard a polybag talk about his birth and journey in life? The book, Autobiography of a Polybag is a story about a polybag named Orb who travels to places and pens his experiences in his autobiography. Orb's desire for his own 3R's to Save the Planet are an ode to Earth Day celebrations. The world manufactures, uses and then campaigns against use of poly bags calling them environmental hazard.  Orb's story, as you read through will bring to light his

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