Dr. Sayed Rafi Ahsan Rizvi

At the young age of 12, a village boy Rafi Rizvi, was captivated by the spectacular brilliance of countless stars on a moonless night. At the time, everyone stated they were a mystery of nature. His subsequent desire to explore the unknown, led him to study geology, in order to acquire scientific knowledge of the Earth and the universe. However, his curiosity surrounding that sight of the night sky still remained unsolved. To his astonishment, he found most answers in verses of The Quran, Thus, he was able to build ‘God’s Grand Design’ of the universe, which attempts to solveRead More...


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Universe – A Timeline 

Books by Dr. Sayed Rafi Ahsan Rizvi

The scientific explanation of the origin of the Universe is that of a Big Bang. However, The Quranic verses indicate that the universe is an "uninterrupted sequence from origin until the end" within a specific time span. The verses further reveal that everything in the material universe is inter-connected through "tracks and pathways" (possibly providing for instant communication and travel), and could be the same as 'wormholes' that scientists speak of.

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