Rahul R. Nair

Dr. T. P. Jayakrishnan, the inventor Holistic Human Metaphysics, has been researching on various aspects of Vedic metaphysics since 1985. Currently based in Chalavara, Kerala, he is the chairman of the Aushmath Research Trust (ART) established for spreading awareness about HHM. Under ART, he has established a research laboratory (Aushmath Biosciences) solely dedicated to undertake scientific investigations in fields such as HHM and conservation of natural resources.   Co-author Dr. R. R. Nair is focusing on conservation of natural resources in Western Ghats, India. Apart from this, at prRead More...


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Dr.T. P. Jayakrishnan's Holistic Human Metaphysics

Books by Dr. Rahul R. Nair

A scientific method known as Holistic Human Metaphysics (HHM) illustrates techniques and tools to balance the energy flow in human body. By introducing the three hypotheses of HHM, the authors wish to surpass the inertia of our thinking, which is preventing mankind from giving up the conventional way of treating the human body as a machine, and to bring forth a completely novel approach to repairing and balancing the major energy centers in the human body.

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