Indie Author Championship #6


Literature has always been a way to escape. Hence, it is right to say that all of us are writers in our own way. The author of this book is each one of us and none of us at the same time. The writer of this book, like all writers, is a gloomy soul by nature who enjoys the little joys of life. This book will not save you, per se, but you will save the book by delving into it.Read More...

A Better Man

Books by Rain

Love and mistakes, war and crime, this book is about the lives of three people whose fates get invariably intertwined. 

This story of love and betrayal starts on the streets America, travelling to the fine tree-lined boulevards of Europe and returns back to America. It revolves around Nathan and his friend and brother Tony and how at different points one was a better man than the other. It is about failing, rising and repenting.

There is no deny

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