Rajan Dubey

Dr. Rajan Dubey is a coherent thinker, a research-based author and a renowned physician who has always expounded and encouraged the substantial co-relation that Homoeopathy and science retain.

A scientific researcher, his writings have always been evidence-based and were highly acknowledged since his very first book True Perception of Chronic Diseases. Two of his gross pathological cases were published in an internationally-acclaimed homoeopathic journal – Interhomoeopathy, in June 2014, which received worldwide admiration.

He is a far-sighted man who always wanted to surpass the aperture by building a bridge and reaching the underprivileged areas facing a paucity of medical services, which led him to establish his trust – ‘Medigene Homoeopathic Research and Development’ (MHRD) in 2012.



Books by Rajan Dubey

“A phenomenal journey of unveiling the Scientificity of Homoeopathy that has been mysteriously masked since time immemorial.”

 This book unfolds the latest, astonishing evidence-based discovery as to how foreign exogenous proteins are capable of disrupting the homeostasis of our body and predisposing it to chronic diseases or chronicity. Dr. Hahnemann has strongly asserted that, “Treat the person as one whole and not his individ

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True Perception of Chronic Diseases

Books by Rajan Dubey

We belong to an era of non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, stroke, obesity, cardiovascular disorders, etc. About two decades ago, the advent of these so-called lifestyle disorders were seen only in a handful of population. But as time passes, we witness more and more people suffering from such problems. From a homoeopathic standpoint, we view this situation to be alarming. This is because all the above-mentioned diseases

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