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Rajesh Valse

The purpose of taking birth is meaningful to selective people to learn, teach, serve and lead for a vision beyond potential and galvanize their dreams; this vindicates a true example of this author.  Rajesh Valse is evidential of manhood positively enriched and flourished with innovations. He knocks out all his hurdles, making destinations fluent for any desirable presidential dream, thoughtfully placing it analogically in regard of human attitudes.


Besides his profession, he inevitably holds public relations. He believes in a well-disciplined lifestyle. His profound impact of word utilization in literature is amazing.
His presentation is either in the form of poems or writings. His speeches boost persons to imbibe and get support in their endeavors to avail big dreams easily. Simultaneously, the most stunning differentiation in him is his daring effort to write his first book.


Missing Leaders

Books by Rajesh Valse

Missing Leaders is a book for people to awaken and strengthen their leading potential within them. It is about realizing not to regret dreams forgotten or missed. The destiny to avail any presidential post is a dream for desirables in prior fields. But it becomes harder for many to find and fulfil it. Though many sources are available on this particular subject, i.e., leadership, some lacking elements are missed, and they are wonderfully placed in thi

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Swatch Bharat Mission

By Rajesh Valse in General Literary | Reads: 154 | Likes: 1

Swatch Bharat Mission ===================== Swatch Bharat itself indicates the tidy mission of India. It is an expected reform from ages. But due to some or the other reason this mission must have been procrastinated. But there were many reformers who intended to sort and maintain hygiene in India.   Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 10:59 PM

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