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Rajiv Chelladurai is the founder of 'ERGOS MIND’ who uses his skill, expertise, and experience to add value to organizations and institutions. Rajiv is a sought-after speaker in the corporate and education circles who has spoken on radio and television shows. He believes that his mission is to S.I.T. - Speak-Inspire-Teach. He is a leadership expert who aspires to help others become the best versions of themselves. Rajiv has authored three books - Wisdom Workout, GIFT, and Fearless in Battle. He is also a Certified Executive & Life Coach, an EQi Coach and Assessor, and a Certified HeartstylesRead More...

Leadership Parables

Books by Rajiv Chelladurai, Andy Iyer

Did you ever feel like you’d rather watch a movie on leadership than read a monotonous book? But, what if the book itself was like watching a movie? Now learn ten exceedingly valuable and practical lessons in leadership in the most fun and refreshing way. Read engaging leadership stories ranging from drama, suspense, comedy, adventure to romance. Hidden within these stories are powerful, practical and application based leadership principles. Whether you are

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Wisdom Workout

Books by Rajiv Chelladurai

“Wisdom comes from distilling knowledge and experience to make sound judgements. Rajiv in this book uses his own knowledge and experience in the corporate world and through his spirituality provides a workbook that should be of value to so many. The issues that Rajiv discusses in the book are common derailers, and many people spend their lives unaware of this, often not knowing there is another way. The open discussion of these typical derailers, the constan

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