Rajni Singh

Rajni Singh is the founder of Sashakt-“Empowering lives”, an organization for academic and overall development of children with special educational needs. She is a Special Educator, Spiritual Healer and an avid reader, while also being the mother of two enthusiastic boys. ‘Being ME!!!’ is her debut novel.


Being Me!!!

Books by Rajni Singh

Sometimes, life puts us on crossroads. One has to stop and make a choice; either walk the path that everyone says is proven and correct, or choose that which the heart is so compelled to move towards. The terrain seems rocky and reaching the final destination is unsure.

Thirty-five year old Amy faced a similar circumstance when her marriage hit a rough patch. She chose to be conventional and tread the very path she had learnt ever since childhood. But destiny had a different plan for her. She couldn’t run away from the voice within and eventually set foot on a journey she knew nothing about.

With only an inner voice to hang on to, this brave girl moved forward, witnessing bizarre coincidences that unfolded in perfect divine timing, and transforming her life like a closed bud flowering into full bloom!

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