Rakesh Saini

When an IITian atheist struggles with the stresses of work and life and some lifestyle-related disorders and ailments, with firm determination and resolve, a book is born.  Rakesh Saini is an Electrical Engineer, an alumnus of the University of Roorkee (now IIT), working in Defence Infrastructure Sector for the last thirty-one years. Writing, in both English and Hindi, is more his passion than profession.

This book is a result of hits and trials, experimentations and observations, by the author in his efforts to lead a stress-free, healthy, happy life, by adopting Yoga, in ways better than the God-fearing, spiritual, religious and pious types, while firmly holding on to his belief systems and thought processes of a staunch atheist, rationalist and logical thinker.


Kuch Saste, Kuch Mahnge Bhaav

Books by Rakesh Saini


Times are not far, when we can perhaps cast, mould or 3-D print all physical objects under the Sun, howsoever complex they may be. But can you ever artificially reproduce emotions? Perhaps not. One need a bleeding heart and a fertile mind to germinate emotions. One may perhaps need a ‘N-D printer’, with ‘N’ tending towards infinity to reproduce emotions, artificially. Em

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Yoga for Atheists, Rationalists, Logical Thinkers and Non-Believers

Books by Rakesh Saini

Whenever an atheist, a rationalist or a non-believer asks a Yoga teacher, ‘Can I practise Yoga?’ The quality of answers usually provided, are of such nature, as if a Divyaang person is asking, ‘Can I walk?’ He will invariably be advised to use some crutches. A firm atheist, leave aside considering himself inferior, may consider others as inferior, who need to use the crutches of Gods, Human-Gods and Gurus aspiring to be Gods.

Yoga, a Un

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