Ramachandran Rajasekharan

Ramachandran Rajasekharan is a senior finance professional with more than four decades of experience in Audit and allied fields. He discovered his muse only in his early sixties. But this was no surprise. Both his parents were poets in their own right who had instilled in him a love of reading and poetry from a very young age. Books of every genre have been his companions since his boyhood. One of his poems has been included  in ‘Each Phrase a Step’, a poetry anthology edited by Kevin Watt published in January 2021.      He is happily married to Kalyani S Menon and blessed with twin soRead More...


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Dewdrop and Banyan Tree


Short sweet joys, shadows of darkness and testing moments in life, short sighted vison of progress at the cost of Mother Earth, beauty of nature,  religion, vibrancy and happiness of childhood, perspectives of grownups, trauma of war, ageing, memories, nostalgia, instillation of values in childhood, poverty, tender relationships, the burden and despair and the tears of  unfair bondage of helplessness and the  pandemic  are some of the themes  Ramachandran

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Epitaph and Other Poems

Books by Ramachandran

Epitaph and Other Poems by P. Ramachandran (1924-2008) is a collection of poems by and about an extra ordinary individual who lived an ordinary life. 

His poems are poignant, evocative, relatable, and haunting. The poems speak about his life, dreams, disappointments, anger, pain, joys, and sorrows. 

He kept notes and scribbles in his notebook, which he did  not share with anyone during his lifetime.

His “Epitaph” is best said in his

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