V. K. Ramakrishnon

V. K. Ramakrishnon was born in 1950, in the village of Vaiyavoor near Kanchipuram. He graduated his Masters in Arts in Tamil Literature from Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai in the year 1978. He joined the Tamil Nadu Government Revenue Service in 1973 and worked at the Chennai Collectorate. Fond of reading Tamil literature, he occasionally wrote poems that were published in Tamil weeklies. Uvamai Kavignar Suradha, Dr. Avvai Natarajan, former secretary at the government’s Tamil Development and Culture Department, and poet Pabanasam Kuralpithan have contributed to the prefaces of ManjaRead More...


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Door to Positive Steps

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Self-confidence, perseverance, hard work, concentration and an analytical mind are the essentials to win and prosper in life. But despite the efforts and struggles, some of us are not able to climb up the progress ladder. What is the reason? There is some reason beyond our reach and understanding, which play important factors in our lives - that is Nature's Support. This book tells you how to get the Nature's Support from the following and succeed in life.

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Manjal Veethigal

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This collection of poetry, Manjal Veethigal, is a treat to nature lovers.

The poems describe elements of nature in all their abundance from flowers and clouds, to singing cuckoos and dancing peacocks.

The poet draws several striking comparisons–between the celestial bodies and a girl adorned in her ornaments; the swaying of the coconut leaf and a tied elephant.

Poems such as Neelavanam (Blue Sky) are highly philosophical.

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