C. Ramasamy

Jnaneshwarar (C.Ramasamy worked as a college professor. He delves deep into spirituality and science. He has a good taste for Tamil poems The author has written eight other books Of these seven are in Tamil and one is in English. Presently he lives alone in a simple ashram by name Kavanur Jnana Ashram (near katankullathur Kanchipuram District, Chennai) founded by him recently. 


Kadhamba Paamalai

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God is considered by some as delusion. But it is not so because he is everything you see in this enchanting world. We are actually deluded by this enchanting world. To extricate oneself from that delusion, the poems in this book have been written. To be frank this is

To plead the mercy of God, read and find the difference.

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Family life is a sweet breeze. But we have made it not only a dreadful storm, but also the shed of selfishness. We do not live a life congenial to Nature but at the same time we have disregarded what the nature teaches directly and indirectly. As a result the life has become what it is generally like. For anyone to progress in life, the first step is belief in life. The next step is unflinching and unshakable effort. With concentration of mind one can become a

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Thirukurralil Arathupal

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How wonderful is Thirukkural! However, there are many different interpretations of it, especially for the couplets of the Arathuppal in Thirukkural, including theistic and atheistic ones. Doubts still exist due to the lack of explanation for many poems. After painstaking in-depth reading of Arathuppal, Thirikkuralil Arathuppal is a sincere and humble attempt to clarify these doubts. Read on for a new perspective on

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A Torch to Truth

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This book, A Torch to Truth, in your hand is a humble attempt to provide a meaningful solution for some baffling questions lingering within the minds of man- and womankind especially with respect to:

1. Whether God really exists?

2. If so, how does God exist?

3. How is it possible for God to control everything in the universe scientifically?

4. How does the universe evolve?

5. Why is the human birth? Is

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