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Ramesh Babu


Dr. Ramesh Babu lives in Chennai with his wife and a daughter. A child surgeon by profession, his other interests include reading, writing and oil painting. He has a keen interest in English and Tamil literature. Writing mythological fiction in thriller genre is his passion. This is his first full length novel in English. He can be contacted at rameshbabuauthor@gmail.com


A western scholar is murdered. An ancient stone tablet is stolen. A calamity is about to strike…. Ashwin, a young marine archeologist and his friend Swathi, a medical intern are on the run. Will the fugitive succeed in reopening an ancient portal, a gateway to the calamity? In this fast paced thriller, mixed with the mythological ‘Tale of Three cities’, time is limited for the young duo to crack the clues and prevent a deluge. Do they have the blessings of Lord Shiva and sage Agasthya? The story offers much more than you can possibly imagine in your wildest dreams. ...

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