Ramesh Babu

Writer, Doctor

Dr. Ramesh Babu lives in Chennai with his wife and daughter. A Pediatric Urologist by profession, his other interests include reading, writing and oil painting. He has a keen interest in English and Tamil literature. Writing mythological fiction in thriller genre is his passion. His first novel is DELUGE (Agasthya secrets) and second one is HEIST (Garuda Chronicles), its sequeal. He can be contacted at drrameshbabu1@gmail.com



Books by Ramesh Babu

While there are several books on Hinduism, many are huge with enormous stories and discourses. A busy reader needs a gist of what is hidden in our rich ithihasas and upanishads. The modern youth in India grows in an economically competitive environment without any idea about Indias rich cultural heritage. While the school education provides little to augment his knowledge even the parents dont understand some complex concepts. In this short summary on Hin

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HEIST (Garuda Chronicles)

Books by Ramesh Babu

Artifacts are stolen at several places in the US and UK, while a plane goes missing in Malaysia. Mysterious disappearance of several people, a western microbiologist, an Indian astrologer and an archeology worker at a Sangam Era excavation site puzzle the police. And the only connection to all this is the symbol of 'Garuda' which keeps surfacing again and again. Ashwin, a young marine archeologist and his friend Swathi, a medical intern are on the run to deci

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