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Venkatesh Rangan

Venkatesh is a senior finance professional working in Mumbai with a deep and passionate interest in Indian history. Over the years, he has researched the original 18th-century records, such as bakhars, daftars, kaifiyats, hakikats, thailis, tarikhs, residency correspondences and foreign diplomatic dispatches. With an academic and professional experience spanning multiple continents, he believes in understanding Indian historical events in a global context. With a reading list drawn from regional and world non-fiction literature, he is enthusiastic about exploring hidden connections between the past and the present.

A key motivation for Venkatesh’s enquiries into the past has been to bring alive unsung and inadequately represented stories and personalities from Indian history.


The First Republic

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January 30th, 1774, a forgotten yet momentous date when a revolutionary movement originating in western India declared the formation of a republican government with executive powers residing not in kings or reigning monarchs but a representative council chosen by popular will. In the next quarter of a century, this government, known as the “Karbhari Sarkar”, expanded to cover the subcontinent from the Himalayas in the north to the river Kaveri in t

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