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Ranveer Choudhary

The author, Ranveer Choudhry's intentions with Khopdi is to wake people up. He got the enlightenment to write this book from holy places in his homeland. He wanted to be a doctor; his parents wanted him to become an engineer. Instead, he turned into a writer. He dedicates this book to the universe, to nature, to the elements. Currently in Gaya, Bihar, one of the spiritual centers in India, the author felt this super natural power. This happened when he was traveling and sometimes, at night, he felt a bad energy and sometimes, he sensed a good energy. He believes that he is a simple person, with simple ideas, trying to figure out the human brain. But in his contemplation about this super natural power, he began to write this book. Writing has been his friend since childhood and he decided to take it a step further and become a full time writer by weaving these two things together: writing and his beliefs about super natural powers. Read More...


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Man needs his Khopdi for anything he does. He is nothing without it. The brain does so much work, yet it's memory chip never gets full. The reason? A super natural power that controls everything. Any object that is unused, becomes useless. The sun rises, the earth rotates and revolves, people live, animal kingdoms emerge and evolve. How and why? Because everything is monitored.

The human brain is always emitting and getting energy. There is an unknown c

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