Rathnaa R Naveen was born and brought up in Bangalore. She is very passionate about reading and writing. She multitasks as a life coach, lecturer and also as an accountant. She changed her life after she started practising the steps mentioned in this book. She loves to share her experiences with others to inspire people towards leading a happy life. Her passion is to bring a positive change in the minds of people as the mind is the game-changer.  This book will be the ready reckoner for transforming from Impossible to I am always possible state. All the beautiful hearts, come let’s enjoy thRead More...


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We come into this world without any prior knowledge. But, leading a life without awareness is a crime. Our lives will move on whether we like it or not, whether we cry or laugh. So why waste this ever-moving and changing world by complaining, cribbing and crying all the time. We have all the tools to correct and mend ourselves for our own good. Let us bring change in ourselves to bring change in others. In order to bring change in ourselves, we need to be atte

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Love for life " A true inspired story"

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Hello.. Is it Chikku mother.. though voice is little tough but was very much confident. I was shocked a bit as it was only two days for myself leaving my son in creche. We ladies of our company is very fortunate and blessed to have our company creche which is fully run by company not even single rup  Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2022 07:50 PM

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