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Renu Thakur

Renu Thakur is a highly respected, admired, and sought Personal Transformation Coach, Therapist, Trainer, and  Mentor.

Practitioner of  Hypnotherapy, past life regression, Clinical Psychology, Naturopathy, Holistic Healing, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, meditations, NLP, Heal Your Life, etc.

Very passionate about her purpose to bring joy, peace, and love to the life of people going into relationships, she hopes to be able to reach thousands and thousands of people and actually touch and be a catalyst in their lives through her services and offerings.

She believes in holistic healing on all levels of existence as all the sheaths around the soul play an equally important role. The healing has to be on all levels otherwise we slide back into the previous default pattern may it be any facet of our lives

The Physical LAYER.                          The  Annamaya kosha

The Prana LAYER                              The Pranamya kosha

The Emotional LAYER                        The Manomay kosha

The mental /intellectual LAYER           The Vijnanamaya kosha

 The Bliss LAYER                                 The Anandmaya kosha

She takes workshops, seminars, one on one sessions, training, motivational lectures, and counsels and mentors those seeking a direction in life especially the one seeking lovely fulfilling long-lasting meaningful relationships.

After all, life is all about relationships…


एक रिश्ता मीठा सा

Books by रेणु ठाकुर

•   क्या हैं राज़ सफल अटूट रिश्तों के?

•   क्या हैं हमारे विचार और धारणाएँ जो अहम और वहम का कारण बन रिश्तों पर असर करते हैं? 

•  कैसे कभी उड़ने के लिए पंख देता है रिश्ता और कभी धरात

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